About the Zero Engine

The Zero Engine is a powerful piece of proprietary software developed by DigiPen to facilitate learning programming and game-making. The Zero Engine allows beginning students to jump into the game-making process from day one and have the ability to manipulate different components of a game to see how it affects the game’s properties. This user-friendly software shows students the specific programming code behind game functions and, as students become more familiar with programming, allows them to utilize their own code to handle game functions. Students receive a free membership to ProjectFUN, which includes the Zero Engine software, to continue their studies at home.


All versions of the FUN Editor are no longer supported.

If you’re an educator and you need assistance switching to the Zero Engine, please contact ProjectFUN directly at pfsupport@digipen.edu.

If you’re a student, we offer online courses using the Zero Engine that will help you familiarize yourself with it. Visit our information page to learn more.

For general Zero Engine support, visit zero.digipen.edu.

DigiPen's ProjectFUN offers workshops, camps and college prep courses for kids and teens. Technology courses are held in Redmond, WA (near Seattle and Bellevue), and online.