Video Game Programming Level 2

Building on the Java programming skills gained in Level 1 of this series, you will focus on understanding the crucial computer science, computer graphics, and mathematical concepts of how 2D game engines are created. This challenging course pushes you beyond being simply a user of technology and puts you on the path toward creating it.

You will learn:

  • Object-oriented programming concepts such as classes, inheritance, composition, and encapsulation
  • Programming skills to detect and code character interactions and form connections between objects
  • Implementation of algebra and trigonometry in game development

Courses in this Series

This course is part of the Game Programming workshop series.

Level One

Video Game Programming
Level 1: 2D Video Games

Level Two

Video Game Programming
Level 2: 2D Game Engine

(Online or On-Site)


This course is open to students entering Grades 8 through 12.

Students must have completed Video Game Programming Level 1: 2D Video Games to enroll in this workshop.

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