Art and Animation Level 2

Whether working with human-based characters or fanciful creatures, the animator’s primary job is to convey the characters’ thoughts and emotions through their physical actions. In Art and Animation Level 2, you will learn about the character design and animation processes while exploring modeling and animation techniques using 3D computer animation software. Throughout the workshop, you will learn about traditional art and animation concepts used by successful character animators.

You will learn:

  • Fundamental acting principles
  • Facial animations and movement analysis
  • 3D character definition, modeling, and texturing skills

Courses in this Series

This course is part of the Art and Animation workshop series.

Level One

Art and Animation
Level 1

Level Two

Art and Animation
Level 2

(On-Site Only)


This course is open to students entering Grades 8 through 12.

Students must have completed Art and Animation Level 1  to enroll in this workshop.

Schedule and Tuition

Schedule for 2018




Session 1*

June 25–July 6

Session 2

July 9–20

Session 3

July 23–Aug 3

Session 4

Aug 6–17

Animation Master Class - Coming Soon!  TBA





Art and Animation Level 1


+Art and Animation Level 2





Character Design and Sculpting




Creating Comics and Manga




Digital Sculpting



Cosplay: Costume Design and Creation



Cosplay - Coming Soon!



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+Art and Animation Level 1 must be completed prior to starting Level 2


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