Girls Programs at a Glance

DigiPen is pleased to offer some of our most popular game development and programming workshops in a "girls only" format.  Our goal is to create a comfortable environment to encourage girls to explore these subjects where we typically see a large gender gap. 

While some of the presentation of curriculum and projects may be different, the learning objectives and course outcomes are the same as the co-ed workshops- girls who participate in one of these workshops will enter a Level 2 course with the same knowledge as their peers.

Workshops and Schedule

Schedule for 2018

Girls Only Workshops


Session 1*

June 25–July 6

Session 2

July 9–20

Session 3

July 23–Aug 3

Session 4

Aug 6–17

Girls Only Junior 2D Game Design



Girls Only Junior Programming Level 1



Girls Only Scholars Computer Science




 *Workshop hours during Session 1 are extended 30 minutes to accommodate for the 4th of July holiday


Workshops are two-weeks long at DigiPen’s Redmond, WA campus (9931 Willows Road NE, Redmond, WA 98052).

DigiPen's ProjectFUN offers workshops, camps and college prep courses for kids and teens. Technology courses are held in Redmond, WA (near Seattle and Bellevue), and online.