Summer Programs


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Young Explorers Workshops

Young Explorers Workshops teach young students the basic principles of art and technology as they create their own rudimentary video games, animations, robotics, and more. Workshops are one week in duration and are held in Redmond, WA.




Junior Workshops

Students in one of ProjectFUN's Junior Workshops get to experience the fun and exciting world of technology through hands-on exercises and team-based projects. Workshops are two-weeks long and offered during Sessions 1-4 in Redmond, WA.



Teen Workshops

At DigiPen's ProjectFUN Teen Workshops, students can choose from over two dozen different programs to pursue a passion in art, science, or entertainment. Workshops are two weeks long and offered during Sessions 1-4 in Redmond, WA.



Scholars Program

DigiPen’s Scholars Program introduces students entering Grades 8-12 to the fundamental theories and disciplines at the heart of the arts and computer sciences. These two-week courses are offering during Sessions 1, 2, and 4 in Redmond, WA.



Pre-College Program

The program combines college-level coursework in fundamental academic subjects like applied mathematics, computer science, and foundational art with practical production experience in a team environment. Taught by DigiPen faculty level instructors, this extended program provides students with an excellent opportunity to experience what post-secondary education is like. During this month-long college prep technology program, offered at DigiPen’s Redmond, WA, campus, students take on the roles of programmers, designers, artists, music and sound designers, and computer engineers, learning what it takes to be successful as professional game or hardware developers while working together to bring their creative vision to life. 

School Year Programs




ProjectFUN Afterschool is designed as an enrichment and exploratory opportunity for students in Grades K-7. This unique program exposes students to a variety of disciplines, and teaches them how these disciplines come together in the world of game design.



Homeschool Program

With ProjectFUN Homeschool, homeschool students in Grades 1-12 can enjoy the exciting opportunities of ProjectFUN too! These custom-tailored homeschool courses are perfect for enhancing a student's education in science, computer technology, game design, and fine arts and multimedia production. Students can experience subjects like computer programming and the history of games, as well as work with creative technologies that may not be available in a traditional school setting. These hands-on courses teach important foundational concepts that apply to math, science, language arts, and other disciplines.



Weekend Workshops

ProjectFUN Weekend Workshops offer some of our most popular Summer Workshops during the fall and spring on Saturday mornings, over the course of 10 weeks. ProjectFUN Weekend Workshops are also a perfect way for students to complete prerequisites before attending more advanced ProjectFUN Workshops in the summer. This is a great program for students both new and returning!




ProjectFUN Studio is designed for Summer Workshop students in Grades 4-12 who want to continue working on their game and animation projects after their workshop ends. ProjectFUN Studio is a lab experience and is targeted at students who want to work on individual or team projects.



Online Programs

ProjectFUN's 30-Hour Online Workshops are offered over the course of 10 weeks in the fall and spring, with three-hour live sessions and approximately three hours of offline work per week. 

DigiPen's 90-hour Online Academies are offered over the course of 18 weeks during the fall and spring, with a one-hour live session and four hours of offline work per week.

DigiPen's ProjectFUN offers workshops, camps and college prep courses for kids and teens. Technology courses are held in Redmond, WA (near Seattle and Bellevue), and online.