Scholarships Overview

Scholarships for programs offered through DigiPen's K-12 Programs, either full or partial, are available to applicants based on their financial need.  

In order to offer as many opportunities to students as possible, we require an application be submitted prior to the beginning of the class or workshop, with due dates varying based on the program.  

 Summer, Weekend, Afterschool, or Online Workshops:

  • Each student may only be considered for one workshop scholarship per season (Summer, Fall, or Spring).
  • Summer Workshops scholarship applications are currently open. Applications for Summer are considered in advance of the beginning of workshops to provide families time to prepare. They open yearly in December with the release of our Summer Workshop lineup, and close in April, with families notified shortly thereafter.  
  • Weekend Workshops and School Year Online programs scholarship applications are currently open.  Applications for these programs must be received at least three weeks prior to the workshop start date. Please review the eligibility guidelines and then follow the application link listed below!

DigiPen Homeschool Academy:

  • Need-based scholarships are available, but limited, and awarded on a first-come, first-served basis. 
  • Flexible payment plans are available upon request - please contact with questions.


Eligibility for need-based scholarships is based on the guidelines below, encompassing household size (all adults and children living in a single household) and income standards. However, falling within these guidelines does not guarantee a scholarship. 

Also, if a scholarship applicant does not fall within these guidelines but can prove an additional financial hardship or special circumstances, the scholarship committee will take this into consideration and may grant a scholarship.  Please include this information in your application.

Total Household Size Maximum Yearly Income
2 $34,000
3 $42,000
4 $50,000
5 $58,000
6 $66,000
7 $67,000
8 $69,000
9 $70,000
10 $72,000

Application Requirements

To apply for a scholarship, please submit the online scholarship application form, available below when programs are available. In order to complete your application, you will need to provide the following documents for each parent/guardian:

  • Pay stub or P&L
  • IRS Tax Return Transcript – Please note this is not a Form 1040. You may request a Tax Return Transcript here: The IRS recommends that you allow 10 business days to receive this document. Please black out your social security information.

An application missing any of these documents will be considered incomplete and cannot be considered for a scholarship. Applications will not be reviewed unless all materials are received by the deadline.

Ready to Apply?

DigiPen Homeschool Academy

Summer Workshops scholarship application:

School Year Workshops, including School Year Online Programs:


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