Access Canvas

To access your course's Canvas site, please visit


ProjectFUN uses Canvas as a learning management aid to structure courses, facilitate parent communication, save student work, and many other tasks.  

If you have difficulty logging in, or have any other questions, please contact the ProjectFUN administration at or (425) 629-5007.

For Students

To access your Canvas page, you will need your DigiPen provided email, which is given to you by your teacher. 

The first time you log in to Canvas, students will need to complete the "Forgot Password" protocol, and access their DigiPen provided email to complete the flow. 

This email account is accessible here.  Please remember that logging in to this account only requires you enter your username, not the full email address.

For Parents

The first time you log in to Canvas, parents will also need to follow the “Forgot Password” protocol. 

The account email provided upon registration is used to create parent/observer accounts with Canvas. Account holders will receive updates from the teachers- saved and archived on Canvas, but also sent through Canvas to this email address.

If you are unsure which email you provided, please contact us so we can confirm this for you.

If your student is in multiple classes or workshops with us, your account will follow your student automatically, and you will not need to reset your password each time.


We hope you find this to be a helpful tool!

DigiPen's ProjectFUN offers workshops, camps and college prep courses for kids and teens. Technology courses are held in Redmond, WA (near Seattle and Bellevue), and online.