Now Offering: ProjectFUN Spring Programs

Check out our new Weekend Workshops for grades 4-12, ProjectFUN Afterschool for grades K-7, and other new educational programs for Spring 2015. Learn more.

Summer Workshops

ProjectFUN Summer Workshops let elementary, middle, and high school students explore careers in game development, digital media creation, and engineering while enhancing their critical thinking and problem-solving skills. learn more

Pre-College Program

DigiPen’s Pre-College Summer Program gives students in grades 11, 12 and recent high school graduates a deeper insight into the game creation process and introduces them to college-level subjects like computer science, physics, and art. learn more

Online Courses

For students who are not located near a DigiPen campus or who would like to study game development topics from home, ProjectFUN offers online courses in a variety of formats, from 30-hour exploratory courses to 540-hour full-year academies. learn more

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Not Your Average Teenagers: ProjectFUN Students Dedicate Multiple Summers to Pursuing Their Passions

By Silas Chu, Editorial Intern Sleeping in late, breakfast at noon, sitting on the couch all day – these all sound like classic summer activities for the typical teenager. However, ProjectFUN students aren’t interested in burning their summers away aimlessly. Instead, they head to DigiPen’s campus every summer morning, driven by their enthusiasm to learn  Learn More »